BTB: Becoming The Brand.ish

What is “The Brand.ish”? What does it mean? These are questions we’ve already received before even publishing our first blog post. As aspiring professionals, it seems fitting to question the validity of a marketing blog being managed by undergraduate students. However, The Brand.ish’s team believes we can offer unique and profound perspectives on the ever-changing landscape of marketing as we grow into our careers and actively consume enormous amounts of news, television, and social media every day.

So, what does The Brand.ish stand for? Dubbed after the word ‘brandish’, The Brand.ish is a modern marketing blog centered around the irrefutable power of media and its robust effects on branding. It is no secret that strong branding has become a distinct requirement for any business striving for long-term success. The sheer definition of the word ‘brandish’, “to flaunt, wield, or display” pays homage to how all aspiring professionals and well established businesses should treat both their personal and professional brands: proudly and respectfully.

Your Writers

The Brand.ish’s writers consist of three University of Florida students who just happened to sit next to each other on the first day of Sales Management, circa Fall 2018. Passing over a lot of experiences together, today we are not only aspiring marketing professionals, but best friends.

Throughout Sales Management, we were constantly challenged with real world experiences. Given our own non-profit client for the semester with a goal to raise money, we got our first true glance at professionally marketing ourselves to local businesses. The semester long project instilled the importance of personal branding, our own confidence, and the significance that strong marketing carries in every business, no matter what you are marketing to the public.

As we continue with our studies, we wanted an outlet to share, apply, and grow our knowledge within the marketing world. Before becoming friends, each of us already possessed a unique passion within marketing, which can now be fused together to create an all-encompassing view.

Heather dabbles in her fair share of graphic design and appreciates solid aesthetic when she sees one. Krysta can always be caught reading the latest article on ‘Who What Wear’ and seen sporting her newest thrift store finds on campus without fail. Tristan is always analyzing the world around him — anything behavioral, data-driven, or a cappella related is always on his mind.

Regardless of our team’s individual niches, we believe by coalescing our experiences and interests, we can discover and share a large scope of marketing through a millennial lens.

What To Expect

As we grow our blog, we want The Brand.ish to reflect who each of us are individually. Marketing is a fully interconnected and complex set of activities and we wish to touch on all aspects while providing our unique, youthful perspectives. With such a wide array of interests, The Brand.ish will provide insight into a multitude of different marketing areas. Providing content that ranges from article commentary to personal anecdotes, we hope that The Brand.ish can become your hub for the freshest marketing news.